DEA: Is There More to it than Money, Sex, and Vampires?


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As most of you are aware and unfortunately many more have been effected by the recent purge at  This site has become a haven for writers to share their works of love , and FF.Net has betrayed everyone by doing this latest purge.  After the mass exodus a few years back, I had hoped never to see authors losing the only copy to their works because they trusted the site to be the place where they would have readers to share in the journey of their stories.Some writers already learned that lesson and went to other sites or their own blog to keep their stories safe.  Don’t get caught out and back up EVERYTHING!!

I read this morning on one of the forums that as of June 1st that close to 145,000 stories have been pulled just in the top 20 fandoms alone.  This isn’t the case of a…

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I applaud you! Well said!

Fairyblood's Happy Place

OOO I am going to write an A/N!  I am warning all those that are sensitive to the word ‘rape’ that it is used in this blog post.  There are no graphic details but the word is used.  There are a few others words used, too.  Though, those words are expletives. So be warned.  If you don’t want to read the following, I understand and respect your decision. This is my personal blog and I am taking off my cheery, positive, and diplomatic hat and calling on people to stop this insanity in our fandom. 

Three and a half weeks after and I am still furious.  Maybe writing my thoughts on my blog will help.  It may not, it may make things worse.  I hope it doesn’t, but there are a lot of loud opinions that have fuelled personal attacks towards people in our fandom; and it doesn’t look…

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Fairyblood's Happy Place


I don’t have any fic or blog recommendations, no SVM/TB News, nor any Skarsporn for this post.  If you’re still with me after that intro, please read on.

I just found this quote morning from an unknown author, and thought it was something that should be shared.  I do urge you all to pass it along, because it is something that all of us should think about.

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Have a great day and and I’ll be posting some great recs for you all soon.  Thank you and please return to your Skarsporning~

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Put Me First is written by one of my favorite FanFic authors (and now a good friend) AlphaEN.  She’s got a great site on WordPress called ‘There’s More To It Than Just Blood, Sex and Vampires…’  Check it out, follow and read!  The site is dedicated to fanfic and already has an unbelievable following.  Put Me First also happens to be the first fanfic I ever read and what an introduction to the medium it was!  I was instantly hooked! 

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Filling The Void

I felt the need to put something in here… It was pretty empty! I made an account  just because I wanted to be able to read stories from my favorite writers… But in the meantime I got involved with the amazing Ladies from Fangreaders Chatroom and my English got a little better, I gained a little bit of confidence…. 🙂

So, what’s the better way to do it than to add some nice pics from ASkars…? See? Nothing better!!! 😀

~Drool away~

*sigh* Looking good in blue!

*swoons* Oh, that smile....

Can't wait for season 4! :)

There is first time for everything…

Hi everyone!

My name is Jelena (Yelena). I am from Serbia, I am 28 years old, married and crazy for all things related to the SVM and TB …

My English is not so good, so I apologize in advance for the mistakes that I will certainly make.

All you writers of SVM and TB fanfiction, thank you for your wonderful stories, your talent and storie telling never ceases to amaze me…… Just keep up the good work.

And wherever you are posting your stories your readers will find you because, let’s face it, we’re obsessed with your awsomnes 🙂 !!!

Phew, this was not so bad, and as soon as I learn to use this site everything will be perfect (wink, wink) …

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